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Neograft Hair Replacement

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What is Neograft Hair Replacement?

With the NeoGraft Automated FUE Hair Transplant device, NeoGraft has taken the benefits of the FUE method and have automated the technique. First, the NeoGraft device uses a motorized punch that rotates around each individual graft in cylindrical shapes. Rotation of the punch can be adjusted to accommodate for different skin types. Second, the NeoGraft device uses a controlled pneumatic pressure (suction) to slide out the follicles, so there is no pulling and twisting as with forceps. The strength of the suction can be adjusted to accommodate different skin types and the various sizes of punches. The grafts extracted by the contra-angled (angle allows for direct visualization of the direction of hair growth) tool of the NeoGraft device are of consistent quality. Furthermore, because of the way that the grafts are extracted and withdrawn from the donor area, each graft is uniform. The grafts are collected in a small collection canister that is gently frequently misted with sterile saline to keep them moist during the harvesting process. After the grafts have been separated from the canister, the grafts are then implanted into tiny incisions in the needed area.

The benefits of the automated FUE method to the patient are the same as manual FUE; low discomfort, no scalpel incision, no sutures, no linear scar, and a potentially quick recovery time. This “minimally invasive” NeoGraft Automated (FUE) and implantation hair restoration procedure is quickly becoming a new standard for hair transplant procedures.

Strip Method Vs. Neograft

There are several methods used in doing hair transplants. The “strip” method or FUT (follicular unit transplantation) is the most commonly performed method. The new NeoGraft FUE (follicular unit extraction) method is a minimally invasive method of hair transplantation introduced in the late ninety’s.

From a surgical standpoint, the “strip” method or FUT is a surgically invasive procedure. With the “strip” method the hair at the back of scalp is cut short. That section of scalp is surgically excised. The wound created by the incision is then sutured or stapled together. Next, the excised portion of the scalp is divided up and placed under several microscopes where technicians using sharp blades separate grafts into units of one to four hairs. While the technicians are separating the grafts, the physician creates the hairline and recipient sites using a needle or a specific blade. Once the recipient sites are created, the grafts are then placed into the sites using forceps. The grafts with a single hair are placed in the front, to give a natural hairline. The rest are placed behind to give the recipient area density.

From a surgical standpoint, an FUE hair transplant is a safe, minimally invasive, and relatively minor procedure. With the FUE method there is no need to excise a piece of the scalp because the follicles are removed directly from the donor area using a tiny 1 mm punch (punch sizes vary) and vacume. The punch is manually rotated to make a small circular incision in the skin around the follicular unit (hair follicles), which is then removed directly from the scalp using suction. After the appropriate number of units have been removed, technicians separate the grafts into units of one to four hairs and these grafts are implanted much the same way as the “strip” method. With the FUE method there is usually little bleeding and fewer complications than with the “strip” method in Dr Chaicharncheep’s opinion and experience. The procedure is performed with local anesthetic and no intravenous or intra-muscular sedation is required.

The benefits of the FUE method to the patient are that there is minimal discomfort, no scalpel incision, no sutures, no linear scar, possibly a quick recovery time, sometimes fewer activity limitations and patients can wear their hair short if they choose too without a linear scar.

With the NeoGraft Hair Transplant medical device, several difficulties associated with a manual FUE procedure have been eliminated. An FUE hair transplant with NeoGraft can often be done in the same amount of time as a traditional “strip” hair transplant.

With NeoGraft many patients can be candidates for an FUE hair transplant. Given the choice most our hair restoration patients would prefer a surgical method that is less invasive. Even though many patients are good candidates for a NeoGraft FUE hair transplant, if they are not seen by a doctor that specializes in FUE or with the NeoGraft automated FUE device, they may not be given advice which is in their best interest. A doctor who does not offer full disclosure about the benefits of FUE and/or with NeoGraft, is not acting in his patient’s best interest or may not know that the NeoGraft device exists. In an effort to educate more physicians on the procedure and to let them know about NeoGraft Automated FUE, the NeoGraft Company sponsors several live demonstration(some that are performed at our clinic) workshops every month for physicians throughout the United States.

The hair restoration patient also needs to understand how important choosing the right surgeon remains. Final hairline design results still are dependent upon the skill and artistic abilities of the surgeon performing the procedure.

The important thing is to do your homework and pick a surgeon that is uniquely qualified to handle your hair restoration needs. The NeoGraft Automated FUE is also a useful procedure to fix visible linear scars from previous “strip” surgeries. FUE can be used to ‘fill in’ or camouflage those old scars by transplanting new follicles into the area.

What does NeoGraft Hair Restoration Costs?

Neograft hair procedures are customized for every client. This permanent solution to hair loss is variable in price due to differing amounts of hair needed. We recommend that you contact us for a free consultation. If you are not in the Birmingham area, we can arrange for a basic online consult. Please contact us for more details.

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