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Proud to be Alabama ONLY Dual-sculpting Clinic

Twice the results in half the time with 2 Machines

CoolSculpting® is an FDA approved procedure, invented by Harvard physicians, which permanently removes fat cells via cryolipolysis (cryo = cooling/freezing, lipolysis = fat cell destruction). CoolSculpting® involves safe careful freezing of your fat cells with no damage to the overlying skin and tissues. Once frozen the fat cells slowly resorb over the next few weeks. Each treatment takes about an hour and you can expect about 20-25 percent permanent reduction of fat in the areas treated.

No needles; no incisions or surgery; no anesthesia; no recovery.

The ideal CoolSculpting® patient is a good weight for his or her height with exercise resistant collections of fat. Many areas can be treated with the CoolSculpting® technique including the upper and lower abdomen, love handles/hips, back/bra area, breast tissue, inner thighs and under arm areas.

There are virtually no restrictions after the treatment. Regularly activity may be resumed immediately. Over the next several days there may be some minor swelling, crampiness and soreness. The fat cells which have crystallized during theCoolSculpting® treatment die in a natural way and dissolve. The removal of the fat cells is permanent in the treated areas. Areas can be re-treated after 4-6 weeks with once again removal of 20-25% percent of the fat.

We are the only practice in Alabama that offers CoolSculpting Plus which gives you a 20% better result than traditional CoolSculpting.

Prescription Aesthetic & Wellness Spa proud to be the first practice in Alabama to introduce the Z Wave & CoolSculpting® Plus!

CoolSculpting Plus refers to a technique where CoolSculpting® is combined with the Zimmer Z Wave device. The ZWave is a revolutionary treatment that utilizes high energy radial pulse therapy (RPT) to more effectively disrupt the fat cells immediately following CoolSculpting®. The ZWave provides a more uniform and effective massage of the treated areas than can be achieved with hand massage.

This has been shown through controlled studies to almost double the percentage of fat absorption and also to allow full results to be seen significantly faster. The ZWave not only stimulates collagen formation and improves cellulite but it is proven to improve connective tissue under the skin as well as to improve blood circulation, complementing both your recovery and your results.

If you’re considering CoolSculpting® in Birmingham Alabma consider maximizing your results with the ZWave at no extra cost.

ZWave is complimentary for our CoolSculpting® patients so you can obtain the best results possible.

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