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Traditional gentle massage using slow long strokes and light kneading.
Warms and soothes the body and mind.

30 Min. $50
60 Min. $85
90 Min. $125

Deep Tissue (Therapeutic):

Moderate to deep pressure, this is to address multiple layers of tissues freeing knots and myofascial  restrictions. This is a more specific massage with guided breathing, feedback, and ROM techniques.

30 Min. $65
60 Min. $100
90 Min. $155

Custom Massage:

A very popular style of massage that is different every time incorporates a variety of tools and techniques throughout the session to achieve maximum results.

60 Min. $110
90 Min. $165


Negative Pressure releases blockages in a reverse action of bringing circulation into the area gently. Cups can be used static (staying in place)or sliding.

60 Min. $100
90 Min. $125

Hot Stone:

Swedish style massage with the added benefit of warm basalt rocks that soothe and melt tension away.

60 Min. $120


For the mom-to-be. A soothing comforting bliss massage for her ever changing needs.

60 Min. $85

Foot Therapy:

For the knees down to the toes a reflexology based treatment designed to soothe the lower body and relax those hard working tootsies!

30 Min. $50
60 Min. $85


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