IPL Photo Facial


Intended for light skin types only.  Skin Type 1-3


IPL is a very common method for improving skin complexion. Also known as Intense pulsed light or commonly referred to as a Photo Facial. This procedure is a light-based therapy that can remove unwanted pigmentation. At Prescription Aesthetic and Wellness Spa we use it primarily for treating hyperpigmentation, sun damage, freckles, broken capillaries on the face or chest, rosacea and acne.

What areas to consider for IPL

Many areas of the body can be treated, and the cost of IPL varies depending on the treated zone. Areas treated with IPL include:

  • Full Face
  • Neck
  • Hands
  • Forearms
  • Chest

Your IPL Treatment: What to expect?

During an IPL treatment, your skilled technician applies a cooling gel then uses a handheld applicator to apply pulses of light across the skin, passing the device over the targeted area in an even pattern. As the light penetrates the skin, it damages the pigment and stimulates your body’s healing process, which eventually clears away the unwanted pigment. A series of 3 treatments are recommended 4 weeks apart for best results.


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